Company Timeline



Seven independent hotel owners in Florida join forces and determine ways they can better accommodate the needs of their customers. In addition to sharing best practices, the group implements a system to refer business to one another.


The group formalizes its relationship, creating a membership association called Quality Courts United – the nation’s first hotel chain. Headquartered in Daytona Beach, Florida, Quality Courts revolutionizes the industry by establishing a common set of quality standards and operating practices for all properties within the association to adhere to. Quality Courts publishes the names of the properties complying with these standards to create a network of guest referrals that revitalizes the business of each individual hotel.  


The association grows to include 50 hotels – all made familiar to guests by the iconic sunburst Quality Courts logo that marked each property as a member of a select group of hotels with high standards. When the number of hotels reached 100 in 1952, association members had even more benefits available to them, including assistance with site selection, revenue projections, and operations guidance. 


Among many pioneering measures, Quality Courts becomes the first in the industry to offer wall-to-wall carpeting, daily linen changes, 24-hour desk service and in-room telephones.