Company Timeline



Stewart Bainum joins the Board of Directors of Quality Courts, bringing his own hotels, then known as Park Consolidated with him. With his encouragement, the Board begins to consider restructuring the organization from a nonprofit membership organization to a for-profit corporation to allow the group to leverage the financial resources needed to drive long-term growth and profitability. 


Quality Courts becomes a for-profit corporation and changes its name to Quality Courts Motels, Inc. Stock is sold for the first time to members and employees.


Stewart Bainum’s Park Consolidated merges with Quality Courts Motels, creating the size and strength needed to compete with other lodging companies. Bainum becomes the president and chief executive officer of the company and moves its headquarters to Silver Spring, Maryland. 


Quality Courts membership increases to more than 24,000 rooms, making it the largest association of independent hotel operators in the world. 


Quality Courts Motels changes its name to Quality Inns International to reflect its growing global presence; the company continues to expand in international markets such as Germany, Belgium, New Zealand, Mexico and Canada.